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EN-CAS' agrochemical experience is extensive and spans over twenty-five years.

Our clients include many of the major worldwide developers of new agrochemicals. Products studied have included organophosphates, triazines, triazoles, sulfonylureas, pyrethrins, phenoxy herbicides, antibiotic, larvidical, and other common, as well as developmental, crop, and animal pest control agents.

Our experience includes:
  • Method development and validation (specializing in trace organic residue analysis in complex biological, environmental, and exposure monitoring media)

  • Crop, soil, and environmental water residue analyses

  • Analysis of animal tissue and animal fluids from animal dosing/feeding studies

  • Transgenic crop analysis

  • Field worker exposure, re-entry and dislodgeable residue studies

  • Outdoor, indoor, and aerial spray drift deposition studies

  • Ground and surface water monitoring studies

  • Soil dissipation studies

  • Nationwide Market Basket studies of agrochemical residues in supermarket food commodities

  • Studies of the effects of commercial food processing on agrochemical residues

  • Studies of pest control residues in food handling establishments (Food Additive Tolerance studies)

  • Multiresidue method (MRM), testing for new active ingredients

  • Five Batch Studies

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